Science say everything is made from Stars; I say belive in Science

Astrology and Numerology is not just for the people who believe in stars and occult but for those who believe in energy and how it reflects in every particle of this green planet.

Started with a techie career, I am now a certified Numerologist & Astrologist Consultant. You can contact me for any kind of predictions and questions regarding your personal life, marriage & love life, job & business related issues, education, matchmaking, compatibility calculations, legal problems, family bonding or anything which is making your life tensed.



Complete Astrology and Numerology Prediction

Combining Astrology and Numerology makes the predictions precise. It covers all aspect of life.

Complete Astrology Prediction

It is unquestionably the best gift to yourself and your dear ones. It covers all aspect of life.

Love and Married Life

Synch your love vibes with your partner to make your relationship stronger and happy.

Name Suggestion

Do your name matches your Life Path? A new name for yourself or the new born can enlighten the fortune. Surely a best gift for the new parents.

Name Correction

A well-studied slight spelling correction can do wonders; check your name spelling compatibility with your stars.

Foreign Settlement

Foreign land can be boon or curse, check what direction and time supports your stars.


See what is stopping the money flow to you; Finance/Debt prediction answers every question.


Stars always know the reason/remedies behind ill health, check what stars hold for you.


A child brings a new motive to your life, check when you will be blessed with the shining star and how you can take the best decisions for your child.


See what domain your stars favour the most! Education prediction for yourself or your family.


Check how compatible you are with your soul mate. Give a secured direction to your relationship.

Career Prediction

Take your career and business to new heights with career prediction.


Coming across Shweta ma'am on LinkedIn was no less than a boon in disguise.I entrusted her with my personal details only to find her predictions to be accurate (as to my course of life so far). I highly recommend her for her sheer sincerity towards her work and politeness towards dealing with her clients

Manjusha Jha

Cummins Client

Shweta has been very positive and professional with her approach to solve the problems and very diligent in resolving the queries. I really appreciate the way she helped

Chanchal Awasthi

Manager Human Resource Client

I had met Shweta an year back, I was going through a lot of depression in life where I wanted someone to listen to me and help me out of my misery. She listened to me very patiently and gave me her readings and remedies and with her help in less than an year I was out of it and left behind all the bad phases of life and negativity, In short she is an expert in calculations, sensible, submissive, well mannered Astrologer with Great Results and value for money.

Jeneffer Josan

Sr. Manager Sales at Vision InfoSystems Inc. Pennsylvania Client

Shweta is very Professional and committed to her work. She doesn't make any fake promises. she discussed the things in very short and simple manner. Remedies are like you can do easily. I highly recommend her for astrological consultation.

Ratnesh Malik

Mechanical Design Engineer at Rokasho, Aomori Prefecture, Japan Client

Shewta is just not an Astrologer but a very sensible person who make you feel comfortable to discuss your problem. Accurate predictions with simple remedies. A very good listener and connects deeply with our problems to give the best solutions. Thanks for your excellent advise Shweta!!

Pavitra Ghatke

Sr. Recruiter Client

I came across Shweta' profile on LinkedIn while I was going over real bad phase in my professional life. I contacted her, we discussed my prevailing condition. She was patient enough to hear every bit of it. Within next 2 days she studied my chart and suggested few remedies. I started to follow them. I could see the changes unfolding as if it was a magic. I thank Shweta for her professionalism who is best. . I definitely recommend shweta as an expert in Astrology and Numerology. I was never a believer of these but situations demand and you start to accept the facts of life. I thank Shweta for taking time out and providing an helping hand. Thanks Shweta.

Manoj Kumar

Assistant Vice President at State Street Client

She could speak even the most negative words in a phrase which you could take positively , she's got the will and the skill to understand the probables and help you with it. Future is uncertain but she just helps you understand how to prepare yourself for the uncertain, and that's the best part . A positive soul that just pumps in positivity.

Dhruvi Vyas

Equity Research Analyst at Pi Square Management Client

I found Shweta to be highly professional and adept at communication. She isnt your typical astrologer/numerologist . I was impressed especially as she is an engineer by profession who has forayed into numerology. She is soft spoken, courteous, patient , and highly methodical in her approach and i give her full marks for her ability to communicate with her clients in an engaging and interesting manner.

Ehtesham Abedin

Business Owner Client

It was a highly interactive session with the right advise & guidance. No unnecessary pressure or cross selling remedies or hawans. To the point,  straight forward reply plus the interpretation. Highly recommended.

Abhiraaj Gautam

Entrepreneur Client

Shweta is a very soft spoken person who will study first & understand your concerns.She provides true picture of situation & suggest simple remedies which helps to face the challenges.
Thank you Shwetaji for your available guidance..

Abhijit Bhosale

Manager-Manufacturing Quality at John Deere Client

Excellent - Her reading is 100% correct - not only future but she is on right track for talking about past

Unmesh Trivedi

Director - Delivery & Program Management Greater Chicago Area Client

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Why Comparing is Useless- A Must to Read Story

It happened... A very proud man, a warrior, a samurai, came to see a Zen master. The samurai was very famous, well known all over the country, But looking at the master, looking at the beauty of the master and the grace of the moment, he suddenly felt inferior. 


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Do you Respect your Position? A Story for Professionals

बात बहुत पुरानी है। आठ-दस साल पहले की।
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Confirmation of Manchester Univ. that Isaac Newton Stole Concept of Gravity from a Hindu Gurukul

Our #Vedas are much more than just Shloka. With an open eye and patient mind, there is so much science to learn from it. 


Why Approeciation is the Best Reward

On a very fine morning, Jacob and his manager were taking walk to the office. Jacob saw a violent dog coming towards them.


Monday Motivation -HOW TO STAY YOUNG

1. Throw out nonessential numbers. This includes age, weight and height. Let the doctors worry about them. That is why you pay them. 

2. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down. 


Why god give us pains when he love us ?

A supervisor was on the fourth floor and he was trying to connect to one of his workers on the ground . There were loud machines and no matter how hard he shouts , he was unable to get attention from the worker


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A man had a very bad day and while going to sleep, he asked god "God, why you made my day so bad?"
God smiled, "I really don't have an idea, what happened dear?"


5 Signs That You Are Missing the Fun in Life

1)- It has been more than 10 days since you played an outdoor game/activity

2)- It has been more than 3 months since you have been to place where you have not been before (NO JAIL JOKES :) )


What you are searching in the sea

I was at a beach last week and I noticed that though sea is same for all of us but -

-Few search for pearls in it


Urgent Requirement

Urgent Requirement -

1- Electrician - who can make connection between two people who don't talk anymore

2- Painter - Who can paint smile on faces that lasts for time


Stroy of A Murderer

He was a brutal Murderer, he murdered the best scientist, poet, musician, painter, and many more the world will ever see. 



1. Maturity is when you stop trying to change others, ...instead focus on changing yourself