Science say everything is made from Stars; I say belive in Science

Astrology and Numerology is not just for the people who believe in stars and occult but for those who believe in energy and how it reflects in every particle of this green planet.

Started with a techie career, I am now a certified Numerologist & Astrologist Consultant. You can contact me for any kind of predictions and questions regarding your personal life, marriage & love life, job & business related issues, education, matchmaking, compatibility calculations, legal problems, family bonding or anything which is making your life tensed.



Career Prediction

Take your career and business to new heights with career prediction.


Check how compatible you are with your soul mate. Give a secured direction to your relationship.


See what domain your stars favour the most! Education prediction for yourself or your family


A child brings a new motive to your life, check when you will be blessed with the shining star and how you can take the best decisions for your child.


Stars always know the reason/remedies behind ill health, check what stars hold for you.


See what is stopping the money flow to you; Finance/Debt prediction answers every question.

Foreign Settlement

Foreign land can be boon or curse, check what direction and time supports your stars.

Name Correction

A well-studied slight spelling correction can do wonders; check your name spelling compatibility with your stars.

Name Suggestion

Do your name matches your Life Path? A new name for yourself or the new born can enlighten the fortune. Surely a best gift for the new parents.

Love and Married Life

Synch your love vibes with your partner to make your relationship stronger and happy.

Complete Astrology Prediction

It is unquestionably the best gift to yourself and your dear ones. It covers all aspect of life.

Complete Astrology and Numerology Prediction

Combining Astrology and Numerology makes the predictions precise. It covers all aspect of life.


"Coming across Shweta ma'am on LinkedIn was no less than a boon in disguise.I entrusted her with my personal details only to find her predictions to be accurate (as to my course of life so far). I highly recommend her for her sheer sincerity towards her work and politeness towards dealing with her clients"

Manjusha Jha

Cummins Client

Shweta has been very positive and professional with her approach to solve the problems and very diligent in resolving the queries. I really appreciate the way she helped

Chanchal Awasthi

Manager Human Resource Client

Shweta has been very detail oriented and specific. Her predictions helped alot in achieving the new heights. It was just the moment we interacted and the things have taken a new turn in a positive direction. Such a positive professional with a hard core professional attitude. I wish her lots of success and happiness in life as she brought in my life.

Tarunika Chatterjee

Human Resources Professional Client

I came across Shweta's profile through linkedin. I contacted her at the time when I was loosing all the hope. She is a very detailed oriented person. Her approach to one's problem and worries is very positive. She guided me and suggested few very easy remedies. I am really thankful to her for all her help and support.

Tanya Rajpal

Client Account Manager- MENA at Infollion Research Services Pvt. Ltd. Client

I came across Shweta's profile on LinkedIn when i was in trouble. The way she helped me was really appreciated. She guided me in fine way at right time. She helped me out professionally as well as emotionally. Her work was really awsome. I really thanks shweta for provided me her kind help.

Kritika Agarwal

IT Recruiter Client

To start with ask something from the past and then the trust begins for any prediction of the future. she is a burst of light and would certainly make an impact full and positive solution to any problems. She will guide you in the right way at the right time. Also, she is very much professional. Appreciate your help..! Thank you Shweta :-)

Akshay Mohit

Senior Software Engineer at Novell Client

I am appreciating Shweta who enrich my life planning by her numerology and astrology experiences and let me to learn the philosophy of Numerology and believe in that, and I am proud to be one who got that consultancy from her.I would recommend her numerology consulatncy to anyone. She goes out of the box to help.

Sachin Sharma

Business Development | IT Global Sales | Problem Solver | Senior Business Manager at Design'N'Buy LLC (IT) Client

I would like to give a big thanks to your very effective services due to which i got very accurate & exact predictions about my future & carrer. your remidies are very simple and effective too. I would like to suggest everyone to contact you for the better knowledge about their future plans.

Abhishek Sharma

Sr. web developer at Indiamart Intermesh Limited Client

Shweta was very professional in her approach and was clear on the communication. It was a very nice way of presenting and explaining the details. Would definitely seek her help in future also

Arun Thankappan


I came across Shweta's profile on Linkedin when i was totally in confused state regarding many issues. Shweta was very prompt enough to have responded to my initial queries. After my horoscope reading i felt overwhelmed. The predictions were so accurate, clear and detail oriented. Her dedication and patience levels are commendable. The remedies suggested by her are very simple and can be performed easily. I wish her best for all the things in her life and she definitely has a bright future

Gadicherla Ramya

Scientist Client

I took the advice from Ms Shweta regarding a issue in my personal life. The way she responded out of the box and extended her hand to solve / advice was commendable...She knows deeply her subject and her advice is always reliable....I Wish her success in all her future assignments and endeavor...

Rajesh Tiwari

Manager-Sales-SP DO at Osram India Pvt Ltd Client

I took Phone Consultation from Shweta, the Remedies were so simple that anybody or everybody living in any part of the world can do these remedies very easily. I had problems in my job . I couldn’t get promotions though I worked very hard . Shweta suggested very simple Vedic Remedies , I got the results in 1 months. Also she is charging a nominal fee for her consultation. She is very sincere towards her clients.

Sandeep Balhara

Associate System Administrator at IBM India Pvt. Ltd. Client

It was first time i interacted with a person i never know earlier on some personal astrology and numerology support. I am amazed with her dedication and patience listening to my requirement and responded within time agreed upon. Shweta is the perfect blend of scientific attitude and professionalism in astrological readings...i wish her very bright career ahead-

Himanshu Mishra

Contract Management I Power Sales I Energy Efficiency I Power Market Regulatory Expert Client

Accurate prediction and I got the desired results with easy remedies and fee is also reasonable.

Chanchal Singh

Digital Marketing Manager - Google Adwords & Analytics Certified. Client

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